Thursday, May 17, 2012

Epic Thursday...

Yay, it's Epic Thursday again! This week I'm hosting Elizabeth Otto. (CP and writer of epic hotness personified) Visit her at Elizabeth Otto Writes.

Don't forget to come back next week when I'm hosting Angela Parkhurst (CP, creator of Wolf, and the baby of our group) You can visit her at

Now without further ado, Lisa's Epic blood scene.

Jayda looked at her pricked finger and the well of blood bubbled there. She moved to wipe it away when Ben grabbed her hand. He ran his fingers over hers, straightening her bloody finger and pressing upward with gentle pressure. The blood droplet swelled, its unusual makeup glimmering like a beacon. Ben’s expression darkened. His eyes were halting and unbridled as he looked from the blood to her lips. Jayda’s back went rigid as that murky gaze racked her face. She shivered. She knew what he was thinking.

He wanted her blood. The Blood of Aset.
A thrill of wicked anticipation replaced any inclination to feel repulsed. There was no hesitation; just a fractured longing for Ben to release what his quivering body was hiding. Power emanated from the heat of him, tension filling each beat of his heart. She could feel an awesome radiation of strength and control as his hand clamped more deeply over hers.
Ben brought Jayda’s hand to his face while he seamlessly walked her back against the desk. The worn mahogany pressed into her body, trapping her. Ben’s legs collided warm and hard against the front of her thighs. She leaned back, a fluid dance as Ben leaned forward over her, his eyes pressing into her soul as he brought her bloody finger to his lips. Her breath was a ragged gasp of encouragement when his lips parted slightly. Her body tensed in delicious anticipation, the ecstatic weight of wanting halting her breath and rooting a shudder deep in her belly. The tip of his tongue flickered alongside her finger, gracing the skin but not taking the blood. She sighed in disdain as the droplet ran down, settling in a little pool between her fingers.
“You want it.” Jayda gasped as Ben’s tongue traced the length of her finger, following the blood but not tasting it. A deep rumble broke from his throat when she breathed, “take it!”
Ben pressed her body back farther, her back arching against him, chest to chest. The length of her hair billowed out behind her. Ben entwined his fingers with hers, her blood slicking between their hands as his other palm grabbed the back of her head, twining in the freefall of hair, bringing her lips a whisper from his with a gentle fury.
“I want this more,” His teeth grazed her bottom lip before his lips sank into hers, drinking the urgent gasp that escaped her mouth. She slipped her free hand between them, sliding her palm over the strong line of his jaw and cheek, her fingers snaking possessively into the silk of his hair…pulling him in closer, deeper…

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