Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Kiersten White recently posted about what inspires her, and it got me to thinking about what inspires me.

One of my best thinking times is when I'm alone in my car, blasting my favorite tunes.  It can happen on a familiar stretch of road, performing a mundane task like going to the grocery store, and  I'll look around and see something new.  It can be a cloud in the sky, the curve of the road, the color of the trees, etc and suddenly a scene will pop into my head.  Don't worry though, I'm a good multi-tasker.  Both hands are always securely on the wheel and my eyes on the road.

I've also found that bedtime is fertile ground for some of my best ideas.  I usually find myself running through my WIP as I try to fall asleep.  There have been multiple times, while performing this ritual that a story plot that I've been struggling with will suddenly unravel, leaving clarity in its wake.  Since I'm usually too lazy to crawl out of bed, I've learned to keep a notepad on my nightstand.  And have even on some occasions had to text these revelations to myself.   If I didn't do this, the next morning I'd find myself struggling to remember the great ideas I've had the night before.

Music is also a great inspirer.  There are many artists that contribute to my current WIP, but I thought I'd list a few of my favorites from my playlist.

Adele - Rolling in the Deep, Set Fire to the Rain
Arcade Fire- Wake Up
Band of Horses- The Funeral
Beck- Lost Cause
Brandi Carlise- The Story
Cat Power- The Greatest
Christina Perri- Jar of Hearts, Arms, Tragedy
The Civil Wars- Barton Hollow, Poison & Wine, Falling, Dance Me to the End of Love, Tip of My Tongue
Death Cab for Cutie- Transatlanticism
DeVotchka- How it Ends
Florence + Machine- Heavy in Your Arms, Binding
Gary Jules- Mad World
Grizzly Bear- Slow Life
Hana Pestle- Need
Iron & Wine- Flightless Bird
Johnny Cash- Hurt
Landon Pigg- Coffee Shop
Lykee Li- Possibility, Tonight
Radiohead- Creep
REM- Everybody Hurts
Rolling Stones- Wild Horses
Scarlett Johansson- Falling Down
Sia- Breathe Me, Lullaby, My Love, I Go to Sleep
The Swell Season-  Falling Slowly

Again, these are just a few of my go to songs.  Some of you might find my selection a bit melancholy, but those aching, angsty songs are my bread and butter.  Those raw emotions bring forth such passion, which in turn translates directly into my writing.   Now I'm not saying that my list is a guideline for all writers, but it works for me. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is find what inspires you, and use it!  Your writing will only benefit.

Until next time....

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Top Five....

So to counteract the rash of freaky, scary horror movies that will be airing tonight I thought I'd post something lighthearted.  Feel free to post some of your Top Fives in the comment section!  So without futher delay, my list of Top Five Favorites.

Top Five Movies (this was extremely hard because I am a hard core movie Fanatic, so I went with the ones I watch over and over)

1. The Princess Bride (My ultimate favorite book/movie)

2. Mansfield Park

3. Underworld 1,2, & 3 (Looking forward to the 4th)

4. Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea (Classics)

5.  Pride and Prejudice (including the 8hr Colin Firth version)

6.  I know this is supposed to be top five, but I have to add any Marvel movie.  I am a huge fan of superhero movies ie: X-Men, Spiderman, Batman(Christian Bale version), Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Green Lantern, The Avengers..and the list goes on.  I seriously have a 12 year old boy living in my body!

Top Five Book Series

1. Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyers (I've only read them about 7 times)

2. The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

3. The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

4. Poison Study Series and Glass Study Series by Maria V. Snyder (Both series intertwine and are excellent)

5. The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa

My Top Five Favorite Things
1. My Boys

2. My Sexy Hubby

3. My Family (Yes, my hubby is a giant.  He's slouching and I'm wearing 2 in heels)

4. My Kindle and iPod Touch (I'm linking these together since this is about the extent of my tech savvy)

5. My New Car (Nissan Versa)

6.  My Best Friends (Again going over the allotted five)

Top Five Hottest Actors (purely for fun and my opinion only)

1.Chris Hemsworth
2. Sam Worthington
3. Johnny Depp
4. Ryan Reynolds
5. James McAvoy

Well that's it for now, hope you enjoyed it! 

Well Played Friday the 13th, Well Played...

So it seems that Blogger has recovered everyone's lost posts.  And it also seems as if I wasn't the only one freaking out (huge sigh of relief).  It's not really like my posts were awe inspiring or anything, but it sucks having the thoughts you painstakingly wrote, erased.

On a happier note, I am totally in love with my new iPod the hubby bought me for Mother's Day!  My brother Josh recently moved to Seattle, Washington taking with him Hope and my nephew Noam.  This was a sad day, but Facetime makes it easier.

I get to talk to them while seeing their beautiful faces, and have Noam show me all of his toys.  This will also allow Noam and Riley to talk, because they absolutely love each other!  Can't wait to hear their 2 and 3yr old conversation.  I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of Thomas the Train involved.

I Facetime my Mom almost everyday, and we love to laugh at how horrible we look some days.  Also enjoyed a two hour convo with my youngest brother Jordan last night.  We kept laughing and comparing Facetime to Back to the Future 2, where Marty gets fired and all the papers come shooting out of the faxes. Back then the concept seemed bizarre, and it still seems a bit bizarre to see and use it in reality.

But in my opinion, everyone needs Facetime.  Go buy an iPod touch, Mac, or iPhone and convince everyone you know to do so as well.  Believe me having a conversation will take on an entire new meaning!

On a side note, just as I was finishing this post my sister Amanda Facetimed me.  Seriously, I think my family is getting spoiled by this feature.  We rarely call each other on the regular phone anymore.

Have a great and non-scary rest of this Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13 You Suck!...

This morning I wake up, log in to check my blog, only to find that my last two blogs have magically disappeared!  Along with all the changes I've made to my blog!  What the HECK BLOGGER!!!! I'm so frustrated I could scream!!!!

Ok enough with the anger, now I have to write my entire blogs  over again!

Stay tuned I'm sure I'll have them up in about 10 years.  Thanks a lot Friday the 13th, I really appreciate you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Kind of bummed today.  I entered a contest on Between Fact and Fiction a blog run by Natalie Whipple for a free 15-50 page crit and query crit, and I didn't win.  I was really hoping I would.  I really wanted to have an honest and unbiased opinion of my WIP.  Oh well, I guess there is always next time.

On a different note I've hit 67,000+, and I have been finding myself reluctant to finish.  I've noticed that in the time periods that I'm supposed to be writing, I've been allowing myself to be willingly distracted.  It isn't because I don't want to write or that my WIP isn't still crystal clear in my mind, but that I've had this sub-conscious urge to delay.  I have literally been dragging my feet.  When I sat down and analyzed my behaviour, I can honestly say that I think my issues are deeply rooted in fear.

Fear of completing.  Of the endless rounds of queries, and waiting, and queries, and waiting, only to receive rejection after rejection.  I know that this isn't healthy or productive thinking, but the self-doubt is quick to creep up and launch its attack. 

I need to just keep reminding myself that I believe in this story.  That I think others will as well.  It's at times like these, that I wish I could just switch my mind off.  Even if this wouldn't be conducive to my story.  I'm just going to try to keep a positive attitude and keep plugging along.

Until next time.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Times It Feels So Good To Be Right...

So hearkening back to a previous post I was more than a little pleased and surprised when Kiersten White blogged along the same lines.  Of course she did it a bit more eloquently and superbly, but more or less the same gist as my theory.

I do agree that sometimes as writers, we forget to take a step back and remember who we are writing for.  Yes of course, first and foremost we are writing for ourselves.  But if we are going to be completely honest, we WANT and NEED other people to read our work and enjoy it as well. 

Seriously, I know.  I'm currently working on a third revision of the same story.  There are huge chucks of my WIP that I have gutted because they meant more to me than to the story. I had to cut two characters that I loved.  Upon reviewing I realized they didn't add much to the story.  Instead they took away from it.   Did it kill me to do so?  Yes, yes it did.  In the end though, my WIP is the better for it and I call that a success!

Well that is the end of my ramblings for now.  Need to stop procrastinating!  Back to work Amber, chop chop!