Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Kind of bummed today.  I entered a contest on Between Fact and Fiction a blog run by Natalie Whipple for a free 15-50 page crit and query crit, and I didn't win.  I was really hoping I would.  I really wanted to have an honest and unbiased opinion of my WIP.  Oh well, I guess there is always next time.

On a different note I've hit 67,000+, and I have been finding myself reluctant to finish.  I've noticed that in the time periods that I'm supposed to be writing, I've been allowing myself to be willingly distracted.  It isn't because I don't want to write or that my WIP isn't still crystal clear in my mind, but that I've had this sub-conscious urge to delay.  I have literally been dragging my feet.  When I sat down and analyzed my behaviour, I can honestly say that I think my issues are deeply rooted in fear.

Fear of completing.  Of the endless rounds of queries, and waiting, and queries, and waiting, only to receive rejection after rejection.  I know that this isn't healthy or productive thinking, but the self-doubt is quick to creep up and launch its attack. 

I need to just keep reminding myself that I believe in this story.  That I think others will as well.  It's at times like these, that I wish I could just switch my mind off.  Even if this wouldn't be conducive to my story.  I'm just going to try to keep a positive attitude and keep plugging along.

Until next time.

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