Monday, February 27, 2012

I've been tagged again...

I've been tagged again by the lovely Cynthia over at Read is the New Black !  Now on to my answers...

1. How old were you when you started writing? I've been writing since I was a little girl.  My first official book was titled "The Twelve Beautiful Princesses."  Of course it was about twelve beautiful princesses who met twelve handsome princes, and my mom even did the artwork! (It was EPIC!)  I also won second place in the Scholastic Writing Awards, in junior high, for my short story entitled "The Library."  It was even published in my local paper. (Talk about fame and fortune!)

2. If you could talk to a dead person about writing, who would that be? Jane Austen.  Her romances remain true even today!  Is there any greater hate turned love story than Elizabeth and Darcy?

3. If you were the main character of a book, what genre would it be? I've gotta stick with my love, Young Adult.  Who wouldn't want to go back and experience their first love again.
4. What genre do you write in? I write Young Adult.  I love getting to explore a character as they come of age.  Plus I get to write about first loves and kissing…lots of kissing! In case you haven't noticed, I love writing kissing scenes. (Which you can pretty much guess if you've read my Challenge piece)
5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? I think I'd like to have the power to teleport myself and others.  Going anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye, and never having to pay for gas or airfare again…is there anything cooler?  Plus no more cranky kids from long unending drives!

6. What do you like to read? I read an enormous amount of Young Adult, with paranormal/fantasy elements, although I enjoy contemporary as well.  Sprinkle in a little Janet Evanovich & Sophie Kinsella, and I'm good to go.  

7. What is something unusual that you've done?  I've flown all around the country, chasing after the Hubs when he was still on active duty with the Army.  And one time, I even flew on 12hrs notice to rescue my best friend in Florida when her 3yr relationship fell apart, only to turn around and drive the 14-15hrs back in her car with all of her stuff.  Hope that counts, because this question just made me realize I'm pretty boring!
8. How do you get names for your characters?  My main character came to me already named, and the rest sort of evolved due to research (baby name lists) & my imagination.

9. What one thing in the grocery store do you always want to buy?  Tons of fruit. But I usually only give into this temptation in the summer when I can go to the Farmer's Market for fresh.

10. Besides reading and writing, name two other hobbies you have.  Ahhh, you're killing me!  Honestly though, I love hiking and swimming!  I also love doing crafty things with my kids. 

11. Where in the world would you like to go? I'd love to go back to Barbados.  I went there my senior year of high school, and it is perfect, and beautiful, and there aren't enough descriptors in the english language to describe my love!  I'd also love to do a tour of Europe.  England is calling my name!


  1. Great responses, Amber! It would be very awesome to save money on gas and plane fares if you could whisk yourself away somewhere on a moment's notice ...And I think kissing scenes are so much fun to write, and they're perfect for your YA audience.

    1. Thanks Cynthia! I had fun with the questions!!!

  2. I'm a big chicken about flying so jetting all across the country is anything BUT You're best friend is luck to have you =)

    1. I love flying! Every time I have to take or pick someone up from the airport, I secretly wish I were going somewhere! I'll have to pass that message along to the BF, just to make sure she knows my worth…lol!