Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

Lately, as I've been winding down to the last 30 pages of my editing, I've been wondering about my actual writing.  Is it good enough?  Are my sentences poetic and flowing, or do they sound clipped and dry or are they somewhere in between?  Am I trying too hard?  Does anyone actually like my book?

Now I know that every writer feels this way, that is a given, but I'm in desperate need of some genuine feedback.  I'm starting to  feel like every single one of my beta readers (who happen to be related to me or have the pleasure of being one of my best friends) are afraid to tell me that my work sucks.  No one is giving me the feedback that I crave, ie: plot points, flow of story, originality of story, plot holes.  Most are focusing instead on punctuation or a misspelled word here or there.  Not what I was really hoping for, even though it is extremely helpful.

Instead, the response I'm getting is a general "I like it."  That leaves a lot to the imagination.  I keep stressing that I want an unbiased opinion, but I also don't want to hound or beat a reponse out of them.  Also, instead of "I like it", how about some examples of what you liked and why. 

Am I being too sensitive, or is this how it is for other writers?  Please let me know if you have experienced this, and if possible, how you dealt with it. 

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  1. Boy, do I know what you're going through! I think a lot of writers go through the same thing though. I try to stay away from beta readers that are friends/related to me, for that very reason. I try to get several writers read my work and I find that it helps if you want solid, honest opinions/comments.

    A few weeks ago, I was approached by a writer who kindly asked if I'd beta read his second book. He know's I'm a writer, but I had also left a favorable review on his first book. I was thrilled to beta read for him :)