Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Famous...

...well almost...ok not really. 

The other night Manda interviewed me for a documentary she is making for her summer project.  I have to say that I was super impressed by her thoughtful and intelligent questions.  She even remained calm in light of my irrepressible giggle fits every time she pressed record.  Seriously, I don't know what happened to me!  I was a little relieved when she informed me that my brother Jordan had the same reaction.  I guess birds of a feather, do actually stick together.

But one of her questions really hit a chord with me and when I got home, Todd (aka Hubby) and I discussed it again.  Yes, she interviewed him too.  (I'm really not that special)

Her question, "What makes life enjoyable to you?"   And then when I stared at her blankly, she sighed and stated.  "Come on Amber, give me some examples of what makes you happy."

 In actuality it wasn't the question that stumped me, but how simple and fast the answer came to me.  It was my family.  My husband.  My children. My parents.  My sister, my brothers and my sister-in-laws. My nephew.  My best friends.

You might say, "Well that's the most generic answer I've ever heard," and you'd be right.  It's exactly the reaction I experienced.  I was shocked by how generic, simple, and completely fitting the answer actually seemed.

For me, my family is my rock.  They are the people who link me to my  past (and all the crazy things we used to get up to) my present, and my future.  And having that link, I already know that they are going to "get" me, that I don't have to explain myself or my neurosis, and regardless they are always going to have my back (despite the fact that 5 minutes ago they could have been totally pissed off at me) 

That is what I consider priceless.  They are what make my life enjoyable.  Because who else knows you, sees your flaws, and says "Hey I love you anyway."  Because that is what I think life is really about, love. 

Ok, ok.  I know how cheesy I just sounded there.  So I'm going to validate myself by adding that I also told her, "And my writing.  Even when it drives me crazy!"  I think I totally tricked her into thinking I'm not sappy.  Oh wait, she's my sister.  She already knows I'm sappy.

Feel free to comment about what makes life enjoyable to you.  Till later....

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