Friday, June 17, 2011

Hilariously Embarrassing...

I was up late last night, writing, as usual.  I was also spending an exorbitant amount of time on Twitter procrastinating. 

It was during this time of "necessary" procrastinating that I came upon Gennifer Albin's (new author of Crewel) harmless tweet.  It is as follows:

 five _ for the apocalypse


  1. It was the leading anecdote on our date last night :)

    My husband totally defended you and said he thought it depended on when you came to the book. He read it in college, so he knew. But he said if he'd read it as a kid, he would have drug his mom around bookstores looking for the original! (which I use to do to my mom!)

  2. Bahahaha! When I told my husband, he just stared blankly at me. He tried to grasp the humor,even smiled, but never having read the actual book sadly couldn't.

    My sister on the other hand, was just like "I don't get it. Why is that funny?" As we happened to be at Barnes and Noble at the time, I went and picked up a copy. I painstakingly tried to explain (by reading some of his backstory, and comments) but she still was like "Ok, still not funny." So I gave up.

    Ah, I guess you have to love it to get it! And were you aware that the new version has a teaser story named Buttercup's Baby? And so the ruse continues.